Thom Yorke iTunes Celebrity Playlist


dear iTunes listener . . . this is just some stuff that really floats my boats at the moment. the list is meant to be played from start to finish in the order you see it with a slight crossfade set in the preferences of 4 seconds like an old mix tape. err . . . maybe. XX love thom

  • Horse And I
    Bat For Lashes
  • Silikon
    Modeselektor, Sacha Perera
  • Raid
    Madvillain, MED
  • I've Hardly Been
    Stephen Malkmus
  • Scorn
  • No Hope Before Destruction
    The Dears
  • Skuff'd
  • Closer
    Quasimoto, Madvillain
  • Drum Gets a Glimpse
  • What It Look Like
    Spank Rock

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