Thom’s office chart: fragile

i thought it was a tough thing. / but it aint.. its fragile. / and precious in it's own strange way. / it's small but it don't know it's own strength. / so fragile. only held together by the people who carry it. / Lord knows where it comes fromX //

  • Leave things
  • After All
    David Bowie
  • Let's get it started
    Dj Roc
  • Joyful Exaltation (feat. Bajka)
    The Whitefield Brothers
  • Money and Food (remix)
    Jeremiah Jae
  • Wow
    Laurel Halo
  • Lullaby for Lagos
    The Whitefield Brothers
  • Dumb
    Luke Abbott
  • Niger
    Orchestra of the Sultan of Zinder
  • Borin Convo
  • Come1

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